Cullen Bell (Harrisburg, Pa) Age 9 is taking this Hershey Concert Uke for a test drive. He had his own pick in his pocket and is becoming a very good uke player. Look out Jason Mraz! I made this concert uke with a redwood top and it ringslike a “bell”, get the connection?  To see more of our players (Click Here).


Arthur Fiddler visits with Hershey Violins. This little guy is making his way around the fiddle shop these days. Arthur is a 30″ professional marionette with 20 strings used to operate his fiddle, blinking eyes and eyebrows. I performed with him and 5 other puppets a few years ago. Other stars will be posted shortly. Stay tuned, Elton, Liza, Phantom and Elvis are in the theater.



Hershey Violins

11 West Main Street
Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055

Shop Hours:

Tue. thru Fri: 11am – 5pm
Saturday: Noon until 3pm
Other hours by appointment
call: 717. 697. 6341