Scott W. Hershey, Master Violin Maker

Central Pennsylvania violin maker Scott W. Hershey has been creating, repairing, and restoring instruments for over 30 years. An award-winning member of the Violin Society of America, Hershey has crafted over 125 instruments to date, including instrument commissions and repairs for premier instrumentalists such as Xiao Dong Wang, Netanel Draiblate., Peter Sirotin, Orlando Wells, Cheung Chau and Odin Rathnam. Most recently, the story of Hershey’s reproduction of Odin Rathnam’s 1755 Bartolomeo Calvarolla violin was featured in Central PA Magazine.

Known for his multi-layered, brush-applied spirit varnish, taught to him in Beubenreuth, Germany by the late master violin maker Gottfried Raabs, Hershey offers a representative selection of his fine hand-crafted instruments for trial and consideration at his Mechanicsburg shop. In addition, Hershey is available for on-sight services including bow rehairing, seam closing, bridge and sound post cutting and adjustment, and spot retouching as well as other repairs and restorations. Pre-schedule services in advance by calling our Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania shop at (717) 697-6341 or stop our shop by during regular scheduled hours listed to the right.



Hershey Violins

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Tue. thru Fri: 11am – 5pm
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