The Making of a Matteo Goffriller Cello Circa. 1720

Matteo Goffriller was an Italian maker living in Venice Italy (1659-1742). This cello is being built to the pattern of one of his most desired models of 1720. It is a slender model that delivers a full and projecting sound. I have chosen the top wood of “Bear Claw” spruce, a much sought after  wood that delivers a very nice blend of overtones when played. The back, sides and scroll are of finely flamed maple. All woods are well aged and stable. I am just beginning this instrument and will be sharing progress shots along the way. This instrument will take approx. 400 hrs to complete. Progress is slow at first but, over time you will see the instrument unfold into a beautiful work of art. Check back often for my latest postings. Let the wood chips start flying!

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