1924 Ernst Heinrich Roth Hits My Workbench.

A fine example of a 1924 (prewar) German violin in fine condition and ready for that special someone. Here’s more on the Roth family: Ernst Heinrich Roth (1877–1948) was a German luthier and master of a large and successful violin-making workshop... [more]

“The AXe Electric” Makes its Debut!

“The AXe Electric” is now ready for a sound check and final adjustments. “The AXe Violin” is hand-built by Violin Maker, Scott W. Hershey. Beginning with the goal of making an acoustic/electric with a modern looking body style... [more]

How To Spirit Varnish DVD Available Now

How to Spirit Varnish DVD by Scott W. Hershey This DVD sells for $59.99. Order yours today by calling 717.697.6341   Read More →

Italian Luthier and Wife Visit Hershey Violins

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Performance Violin #117 is back for resale!

This awesome sounding #117 violin made by Scott W. Hershey is back in my shop for resale. Due to health issues this instrument has been returned. Anyone interested in a quality hand-made violin with a great sound and projection you might want to check... [more]

Angela Jung chooses her first full size violin.

Angela Jung, Mechanicsburg, PA purchases her first full size violin from Hershey Violins. Angela is age 12 and attends the Mechanicsburg Middle School. The future looks great for this young talented musician. Thank you Angela and family for your purchase... [more]

Julie Brensinger chooses a Hershey Violin

Another Hershey Violin heads out for a new life. Julie Brensinger, Mechanicsburg, PA selects #52 as her performance instrument. Starting  in the fall of 2011 Julie Brensinger will be attending West Virginia University as a violin performance major.... [more]

“The Musician’s Candy Store”

Hershey Violins Shop Photos “The Musician’s Candy Store” Here are a few photos of our shop in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Stop by when you are in our area for a real visual and musical treat. (Click on the thumbnails to view images larger) #gallery-5... [more]

Antonius Stradivarius and Scott W. Hershey Meet.

A luthiers observation of the 1714 “Yoldi-Moldenhauer” Strad. It’s not every day a luthier gets to work on a real Strad but, this was no ordinary day. As resident luthier at the recently held West Branch International Music Festival... [more]

9th Annual Mechanicsburg Art Walk

May 15, 2010 Saturday, May 15th 2010 marks Downtown Mechanicsburg’s 9th Annual Art Walk & Wine Tasting.  We cordially invite you to browse through our gallery, chat with collage artist Deborah Hershey, enjoy a sip of wine, and check out the... [more]

West Branch International Music Festival and Academy July 18 thru the 31st.

Michael Sheppard-Pianist. Another of the many musicians/instructors attending this years event. Mechanicsburg, PA- Master violin maker Scott W. Hershey has been selected “Luthier in Residence” for the 2010 West Branch International Music Festival... [more]

Meet Our New Apprentice Ryan Crider

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2010 Violin Making Classes Begin.

Evening classes began January 12, 2010 Hershey Violins (Mechanicsburg, PA) How to build a violin classes began January 12th and run thru Feb. 16, 2010. Pictured: Scott W Hershey (instructor), Steve Murphy, Harry Mayden, Greg Glessner, Tom Loughry, Sandra... [more]

WITF Welcomes Hershey Violins

Deb Hershey, Writer & Gail Huganir, Executive Editor, Central PA Magazine (Harrisburg, PA) WITF Welcomes Hershey Violins Deborah and Scott Hershey of Hershey Violins and Odin Rathnam, Concertmaster of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, were... [more]

West Branch Music Festival 2009

Scott Hershey was honored to be invited as the luthier in residence for the West Branch International Music Festival held at the beautiful West Branch Resort in Deposit, NY on September 12th & 13th, 2009. With the magnificent Catskills as a backdrop,... [more]

A Day of Reckoning

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Cellist Cheung Chau visits Hershey Violins

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Concertmaster Rathnam Commissions a Hershey Violin

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Jubilee Day 2009-Hershey Violins Sponsors Voxology on the Square

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ABC27 News Features Hershey Violins

Hershey Violins of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania was the focus of a recent “Out & About” segment on ABC27 News.  Chuck Rhodes, host of the special interest segment, and his crew spent several hours in the shop interviewing Scott Hershey, violin... [more]

Hershey Violins Goes Santa Cruz

Mechanicsburg Pa: Hershey Violins of Mechanicsburg announced today that the Santa Cruz Guitar Company line of guitars has joined their fine line of quality hand-crafted violins, violas and cellos. Scott Hershey, violin maker/shop owner and Richard... [more]

Welcome To Our New Shop & Gallery

Central Pennsylvania: Hershey Violins has opened a new full-service retail facility on the square of historic downtown Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. This new violin shop will offer the beginning student through the professional player instruments, accessories,... [more]

New “How to Spirit Varnish” DVD is available now!

This 90 minute DVD features Scott W. Hershey, a 27 year maker of violins, violas and cellos applying spirit varnish in a step by step method that will take the guess work out of this very difficult varnishing process. He discusses the various... [more]

Artist Quality Instruments for musicians of all styles of music

Hershey violins have found their way into the hands of classical,  jazz, bluegrass, country, and Cajun musicians across the country, proving the range of these instruments is limitless. We welcome all inquiries on price and availability.  Call or email... [more]

Hershey Violins… A Sound Investment

If you are looking for the perfect “Sound” investment that appreciates year after year, purchasing a Hershey Violin or Viola may be right for you. Hershey Violins have been appreciating two fold over the past 20 years and... [more]

Catboat Craftsman Completes 10-Year “Lazy Lucy” Project

(Dillsburg, Pa.) – The “Lazy Lucy” circa 1934 was officially launched August 14, 2006, marking the end of a 10-year backyard, boat building project. Click here for photos of “Lazy Lucy” Scott W. Hershey of Dillsburg,... [more]

The Catboat “Lazy Lucy” nears completion

The “self built” circa 1934 Fenwick Williams designed catboat is scheduled to go for a splash July 15,2006. This christening will mark the end of a ten year building process by violin maker, Scott W. Hershey. “I’ve... [more]

Newly formed musical group “Rosewood” will perform April 21, 2006 at Coyote Joe’s Cafe in Camp Hill, Pa.

Named for the superior tonal quality of the woods used by the finest guitar makers, the three piece band includes: Scott Hershey with vocals, guitar, fiddle and mandolin; BJ McNeillie with vocals, conga drums and percussion; and Bob Arbogast with... [more]

A flea market find

Good flea market finds are rare these days, but Jordan Korn, son of Nanette and Daniel Korn, discovered a violin that was full of potential. The neck was broken and the bridge, sound post, strings and other key parts were missing. “We... [more]

Matthew Hardie Edinburgh – Stradivari

NOW SOLD Hershey Violins is now accepting offers on this rare and fine example of the Scottish violin maker Matthew Hardie, known as “The Scottish Stradivari”. This violin is dated 1795 and is in excellent condition. It has been professionally... [more]

Kevin Neidig Releases New CD

Kevin Neidig Announcing the creation of my premier solo CD: Abstract and to the Point. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this project, all completely new for me and, in my view, the best music I’ve ever produced. I have learned... [more]



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